Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Opening Night Gala

I know it's a little late, but I figured it was time to post my experience at the Opening Night Gala.

I didn't see Me and You and Everyone We Know - though I wish I had now that I've heard everyone's strong love"t-or-hate"t reactions. Truth is: I just couldn't afford to fork out the required monies. I got to tag along to the after-party with some of the talent (The Posies) because for some reason they thought I was worthy enough to be included on the "guest list".

Since I'd never been to an Opening Night Gala before (again, the money issue), I was pretty excited to be invited along...especially upon learning that I would be able to get into the coveted VIP room. I tried to get dressed up, but I just wasn't feelin' it so I settled for black capris, a tank top, and my sparkly sequined shoes. Of course I felt seriously underdressed next to my female friends who were decked out in frou-frou gowns and had immaculate hair and makeup, but there was nothing to be done but make the best of it. Also, I was still more dressed than a lot of people there, so it wasn't as if I'd stumbled into a black-tie event by mistake.

My beautiful red-headed friend and I arrived via taxi just as hoards of people were rushing into the building - er, well. Trying to rush would be a more appropriate term I guess. It resembled a huge cattle-call more than anything, with people shuffling slowly up the stairs. Luckily, we got to head straight past the stairs and into the little alcove that contained the VIPs. I said my hellos to my friends, and then dashed over to the bar to grab what I could, as I'd been warned that it gets ugly up there. In truth, the bar line moved fairly quickly despite the number of people at it; it was the food line that became too horrendous for me to tackle. I never made it to the sushi and had to settle for the chocolate truffles scattered across the tables (pure torture, I assure you). Of course, this only aided in my mission: to get as drunk as possible on the free gin & tonics...and I definitely succeeded.

I managed to miss the other band(s?) entirely, as I was caught up in having fun with my friends and trying to figure out if Jennifer Connelly was indeed in the room. It turns out she was not - it was a girl who looked a LOT like her (I don't think we were the only ones who were temporarily fooled); her nose was just a little different. Mostly the room seemed to be populated by SIFF employees, many whiskered writers, tons of cute local musicians, and what I call "Aspiring Starlets": girls who are so tan that their perfect white teeth gleam with a blinding brightness from under their blown-out hairstyles, and whose breasts are prominently displayed in low-cut dresses. I somehow doubt any discoveries were made in the VIP room that night, but maybe. Who knows?

After a bit, we headed up to the 2nd floor to watch The Posies get their rock on via the super-secret special elevator (again avoiding the stair crush - yay!), which was another special treat for me, as the 3 gin and tonics I had socked away already were deluding me into believing that I was some kind of international party girl. I continued to get drinks during the show from the very cute bespectacled bartender to the left (my right) of the stage, while alternately dancing wildly, screaming out lyrics, loving the new Posies songs, flirting, grabbing my girls and hugging them - and having the time of my life.

I've read that several people found the party boring -- that wasn't my experience, but maybe it just depended on who you were with?

In any case, I finally got home via another cab, in which the cab driver somehow got 'round to asking me what I thought of sex...presumably with him, and also managed to exclaim that my ex-husband was "asshole" for leaving me (don't ask). Thank god my sober girlfriend rescued me and made sure I got home safely.

Also, 6 drinks seemed like a good idea at the time, but my body sure hated me the next day. My only memento from the evening (besides dehyrdation and a pounding headache) is the tiny tin of Bombay Sapphire mints that the sponsors provided. What can I say? I have no will power when open bars are involved.

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