Thursday, June 2, 2005

Rock School

Paul Green's School of Rock seems to be a combination of misfits and artistically talented kids (which is pretty much a label that you could apply to any group of teenagers) that really learn how to rock.

You might find Paul's methods of getting the kids to learn abrasive or just plain wrong (he frequently uses curse words and treats them as they treat him), but as he says, "He gets results". Boy howdy, does he get results. I was particularly pleased to see that Paul doesn't coddle the kids. If they're not getting it, he'll tell them to practice more - if they're still not getting it; he will suggest they try something else.

Particular standouts in the film are Madi, a girl whose voice sounds WAY older her scant teenage years, Eric, who bangs the drums harder than anyone I've ever seen, and CJ, a 12 year old who WAILS on his guitar, perfectly mastering Hendrix, Van Halen, Zappa, you name it, he can play it. And of course, the angelic twin boys who like to rock out to Ozzie on drums and guitar win the "awwww" award for their cuteness and enthusiasm.

Another standout in the film is Will, who despite his musical shortcomings won my heart with his Eeyore-like teenage musings. Even though Will doesn't continue in Rock School, you can sense that just being there for a short time really helped him. That's pretty rare, and pretty cool.

Say what you will about Paul Green, it's apparent that sometimes he does more than just teach kids how to be rock stars. What else can I say? I was impressed, and I absolutely wish I could have gone to rock school when I was a kid.

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