Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Amie's Bio

Amie is a land-based creature who sometimes retreats to cool water when the heat of the city is too much to handle. She has been attending the Seattle International Film Festival for about 10 years -- starting off by splitting a 6 pack with a friend and seeing only 3 movies at a time, then gradually increasing to 20-packs as funds would allow. She dreams of the day she can afford a Full-Series pass, which she will covet for the length of the festival and then bronze to keep forever and ever.

Sometimes she likes to write movie reviews in her blog and pretend she's some kind of professional. She doesn't believe in being a "film snob" and thinks that big studio movies deserve as much of a chance as Indies, but she does have strong opinions about directors she favors or dislikes.

She's very excited about sharing her SIFF opinions and experiences with others via SiffBlog, which will further the illusion that people actually read what she writes.

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