Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Vert Seen

A big shoutout to greencine's David Hudson and his regular linkage to precincts Siffbloggy! Perhaps a blogroll is called for. Thanks again, David.

While I'm on the subject of links, I should note that Andy Spletzer took note of the doins' hereabouts in a recent issue of The Stranger, although I have yet to dig the piece up online. Thanks, bearded one!

Last but not least, Robin Slick, a proud parent of some of the kids seen in Rock School noted GGG's piece on the show here in town at the Croc. Persons who attended that show might be interested in Ms. Slick's photo-heavy three-part coverage of the show.

Other contributors, especially those new to blogging: by all means, feel free to post links such as these or other links of interest to your own experience of SIFF. The web is watching, and it knows you are here!

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