Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Nyback Illusion, Silent Movie Mondays

Devoted filmist and friend of SIFFblog Alice Dee passes on a line to note an event of interest to us all:

For two weeks film archivist and historian DENNIS NYBACK will be residing at THE GRAND ILLUSION CINEMA showing 27 programs in 14 days consisting of over 100 films! Week one features some of his rarest and most entertaining films and programs and week two is a side-splitting slapstick film festival. More info at dennisnybackfilms.com

Sadly, neither he not the Grand Illusion website nor Mr. Nyback have a clear link or referecne to which two weeks this event may be occurring, so I'm assuming it's current as of today.

Mr. Dee also happily reminded me that the Paramount is featuring Buster Keaton next month in a festival during the five-week run of this season's Silent Movie Mondays. The festival features no less than FIVE double features and begins on August 22, running each Mondays until September 26.

Winter sees a change at the Paramount, moving the silent series to Sunday nights. This is extremely welcome to me, as Mondays have proven inconvenient to me of late.

Silent Movie Sundays will feature some of Cecil B. DeMille's epochal epics, beginning with The Ten Commandments of 1923 on January 8, 2006 and running (with a break) through February 6's showing of the 1926 The Scar of Shame.

Summer 2006 sees a return to Mondays as the adventure series kicks off with 1926's Don Juan, and runs until August 28 with The Iron Mask, from 1929.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Loveridge off

This just in, a press release from SIFF's Gary Tucker, Director of Marketing and Development:


Seattle, WA - Helen Loveridge, executive director of the Seattle International Film Festival Group (SIFF) since 2003, has resigned her position in order to return to her home in England. Under Loveridge's leadership, the 31st annual Festival concluded on June 12 to a rousing response from SIFF members, ticket-buyers, filmmakers and dignitaries alike.

"While we were surprised and saddened to hear of her decision, we couldn't be happier with the leadership, dedication and creativity Helen has shown with our beloved festival,"said SIFF board president Chris Gorley. "Helen and all of the SIFF staff have done a phenomenal job in generating excitement and ensuring the highest quality programming, resulting in unprecedented attendance at the Festival. We hope to find ways that Helen may continue to be connected to the SIFF organization."

Until an appropriate replacement is found, Deborah Person, past board president, Platinum Lifetime member, former SIFF staff member and now a member of the Board Emeritus for SIFF, has been named interim director of the organization, beginning immediately. Person will be responsible for carrying out the day-to-day management responsibilities of SIFF, including fundraising, community relations, staff and program oversight, and assistance to the board in a plan of action for finding Loveridge's replacement.

The Seattle International Film Festival Group (formerly Cinema Seattle) is a year-round non-profit organization that celebrates the culture and art of the moving image through filmmaking and film-going experiences of exceptional merit and diversity that inform, educate and entertain. In addition to the annual spring International Film Festival, the organization is active with educational film programming including Talking Pictures, The Screenwriters Salon and SIFF in the Schools. SIFF hosts special screenings throughout the year for its membership and the general public. The 32nd Seattle International Film Festival is scheduled for May 18 thru June 11, 2006."

Monday, July 4, 2005

The return of the son of comment spam

ATTN: please do not use another person's email address when posting comments. If I catch you, you will be banned. That is all.