Thursday, June 2, 2005

Rock School Jam

The Rock School Jam that took place after the screening of Rock School I saw was WELL worth the money paid...despite my having to endure an encounter with some annoyingly loud guys we had stood in front of in line, who stopped me when I walked by them at the bar with exclamations of "Dude. We were TOTALLY DISSED", and when I looked at them quizzically, they exclaimed I had "missed their compliment". Their compliment being - and I wish I were making this up:

"My friend said there are a lot of honeys* here tonight, and then I turned and looked at YOU"...Um. Yeah. So basically their compliment was that I was one of a couple hundred ladies they deemed attractive. Sweet. Can't see how I passed those guys up.

Back to the jam: Those kids kicked ass. They rocked through a ton of old-school rock tunes, the best of which (in my opinion) were Barracuda, during which Miss Ann Wilson came on stage to sing vocals, the Van Halen version of You Really Got Me, and I Wanna Be Sedated, sung with Eddie Vedder. They also totally owned Rock Lobster, which is one of my favorite songs. I thought it was great that the "special guest stars" didn't overshadow the kids; they really got that it was all about the Rock School and didn't hog the stage.

During the show I became enamored with Louis Graff (and yes, I know he's dangerously underage) who rocked the guitar as hard as CJ and whose stage presence I loved -- so much so that I felt compelled to go over after the show and shake his hand, just to tell him that he ROCKED. And yes, I've washed the hand since. Really! Sometimes I can be a fangirl, but I'm not that much of a fangirl.

*PS: I'm still a little horrified that someone used the term honeys to describe girls in real life.

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  1. Louis Graff told me he had graduated from Rock School. Perhaps he's slightly less dangerous than you think. :)