Tuesday, May 20, 2008

SIFF 2008 Picks

It's been awhile since the Press Launch kicked off, but I was impressed by many of the previews I got to see for the upcoming fest. Films that grabbed me (and that I've made a mental note to see) are:

The Fall - (which looks absolutely stunning, and hopefully has a stronger script than Singh's previous effort, The Cell)

The Mother of Tears (Argento FINALLY completes his trilogy - YES!)

Savage Grace (this looks severely traumatizing)

Baghead (could be great, could be terrible, but I'm willing to give it a chance)

Towelhead (no relation to Baghead, but just watching the preview made me want to punch Aaron Eckhart)

American Teen (dubbed the real life Breakfast Club - I have a fascination with teen documentaries right now, so I have to see this one)

and: Patti Smith, Dream of Life (Although I love her music, I don't know that much about her life, so I'm looking forward to it).

In addition, I've seen a few of the press screeners - so far my favorites are Ben X and Mermaid.

I can't believe opening night is so close! Only two more days until red carpet madness will hit. I expect security will be at an all-time high this year since we have some pretty big deals rolling in (I'm most interested in seeing Ms. Michelle Rodriguez, but I'm betting the majority of the gawkers show up for Theron). I'll try my best to get some good photos - but my tolerance for pushing through swarms of people is low, so we'll have to see. ;)


  1. I'm counting on you to take some pics!
    BTW, word has it that Amie Simon + 3 Gin & Tonics = enough nerve to push through any crowd.

  2. Oh boy. Talk about having a reputation... :)
    I've been sickly, so 3 might be out of the question, but I'll see what I can do! Perhaps the combo of DayQuil + booze will make me braver than normal.

  3. Oh, believe me, DayQuil and a martini would do it.

  4. Take my picture!