Saturday, May 31, 2008

SIFF 2008: Hit and Miss

First, the Hit:
Because I couldn't make it last night, I caught the early showing of American Teen this morning, and LOVED every minute of it. There's been some talk among my friends about whether this documentary was completely real, or if there was some loose 'scripting' - I could see what they were talking about, but either way I thought it was fantastic. I absolutely fell in love with Hannah, and thought the other teens (Jake, Colin, Megan & Mitch) the film profiled showed us a genuinely real (re: painful, awkward, frustrating, and heartbreaking - just as I remember it!) High School experience.

Director Nanette Burstein was at the screening, and told us the film will open in Seattle on August 1st, so you won't have to wait too long to see it if you missed it at SIFF. I personally can't wait for the DVD, because I'm hoping there'll be a ton of edited footage included as an extra.

Now, the Miss:
I really, really, really wanted to love Savage Grace. And poking around the Internet today, I see that most film reviewers did - but I just can't agree.
Normally I adore Julianne Moore, but most of what I saw in this film was her "acting", and not in any way I found believable. Also, I thought the script to be really lacking in character depth, the pacing was way too drawn out - and by the time the really extra-shocking scene happened (as in, the director really wants you to know THIS IS SHOCKING! LOOK!), I was actually paying more attention to her stunning Chanel Suit than the emotions being played out. I feel like I need to read the book this was based on to get a better grasp of the story, which is never a good sign.
Still, this is just my opinion - you might actually like it. If you'd like to give it a try, Savage Grace screens again tomorrow, Sunday June 1, 1:30 pm @ Pacific Place. You can buy tickets online here.

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