Thursday, January 24, 2008

Come in (the Water's Fine)

John Moulder-Brown at 17 (passing for 15)

The Northwest Film Forum has just announced that they're extending the run
of Jerzy Skolimowski's hilarious and heartbreaking Deep End. Made 37 years
ago, but denied a formal US release until now, it's my favorite film of the new
year, and that includes such highly touted titles as P.T. Anderson's eight-time
Oscar nominee There Will Be Blood and Christian Mungiu's Palme d'Or-winning 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (opening in Seattle on 2/8; venue to be announced).

Both, incidentally, are well worth seeing, but Deep End is funnier and sexier-
and just as tragic as the latter, though the repurcussions are less wide-ranging.

The Manchester-born Kwouk at 76

Plus, as Siffblog contributor E. Steven Fried brought to my attention, the hotdog vendor is played by Pink Panther and Bond veteran Burt Kwouk. A glance at the IMDb reveals that Mr. Kwouk is alive and well and working regularly on British television. That special something he adds to Deep End only serves to make a fine film better.

In my review, I also neglected to single out German actor Karl Michael Vogler (Downhill Racer, Patton, etc.) who valiantly tackles a more substantial--if some-
what thankless--role as Mike's former gym teacher (and Susan's married lover).

Vogler at 35

Click here for original review. Deep End continues at the North-
west Film Forum Sun., 1/27 - Thurs., 1/31, at 7:15 and 9:15pm
(no screenings 1/30). Images from Bravo, the NWFF, and Squat.


  1. I've been trying to find out some information on the sexploitation film Susan and her fiancee go to see: The Science of Sex. My suspicion is that it was something shot by Skolimowski specifically for Deep End, as I can't find any reference to the movie anyplace. I have a survey of British sex films (Keeping the British End Up) which doesn't mention it at all (although it does make it clear that Diana Dors played a similar character to that in Deep End in several movies throughout the 70s). However, past experience has shown that just because something looks too absurd to be a real sexploitation film, doesn't mean it isn't a real sexploitation film. Particularly in England.

  2. I assumed it was fake, as the hostess is having way too much fun. I'm sure John Waters would know... Either way, it's hilarious!