Thursday, June 8, 2006

Thanks, GreenCine!

Bill Kennedy recently brought it to my attention that the fine folks at GreenCine have been keeping an eye on siffblog.


On 5/25/05, they noted, "[The] Stranger's isn't the only blog covering the fest; Tablet may be defunct, but its Siffblog thrives."

On 5/30/06, they added, "[Of] course, the Siffblog is thriving, too."


Just a couple of quick plugs, but every little bit counts.


  1. Thanks so much for bringing this up. I'm off in my own little world and had no idea. Maybe we should throw them a party?

  2. I love GreenCine!

  3. Kathy's not yet chosen to share David's shout-out over at the interminably scrolling (I kid!) Slog here yet, unless I missed it:
    "David Jeffers over at the intermittently functional Siffblog expresses some interesting displeasure about the print of The Gold Rush they're screening tonight at the Neptune. His advice? Skip it, and seek out the 1925 version on DVD."
    I am resolved to add "wretched and ridiculous" and "intermittently functional" to the masthead. Thanks to all you linkers and readers!