Saturday, December 29, 2007

NWFF - Clockwork Reduction


A couple of weekends ago I attended the Saturday performance of A Clockwork Reduction, a re-staging of Andy Warhol's Vinyl. It was supposed to be very meta with actors taking directions from a bunch of directors who were taking directions from another director who was taking directions from the audience or something. Mostly, it was like watching a Strangercrombie modeling session. What was it about? I didn't read the program, so I don't know, but my interpetation was that it was about watching attractive young people prancing about in their underwear. As a fan of Larry Clark, I'm a big supporter of this. My only complaint is that the girls were wearing more underwear than the guys. With the guys you got to see nipples and basket, but with the girls you didn't get to see anything. As a heterosexual male I found that unfair. In any case, I took some photos, which can be seen here.

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