Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Seven Chances (1925)

Thursday July 26, 6:30pm, The Uptown, Seattle

 (Snitz Edwards, Buster Keaton and T. Roy Barnes)

A lawyer appears at the office of two businessmen on the verge of ruin.
 "This man has some kind of a legal paper with him!"
 "Maybe it's a summons!"
On the morning of his twenty seventh birthday, Jimmie (Buster Keaton) learns that his grandfather has left him seven million dollars, providing he is married by seven o'clock on the evening of… his twenty seventh birthday. He immediately proposes to his sweetheart, who turns him down.
"He said he must wed someone, and it might as well be me!"
In a panic, he pops the question to every girl in town and demonstrates why falling asleep in church is always a bad idea.

Beginning with a Technicolor surprise, Keaton's Seven Chances includes the most outrageous chase ever filmed on the streets of Los Angeles, with a heart stopping leap across Beale's Cut. Keep an eye out for Jean Arthur's wedding ring!


Seattle International Film Festival opens their four-day celebration of films from the archives of the Library of Congress with Buster Keaton in Seven Chances (1925) and Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928), with live musical accompaniment performed by Donald Sosin and Joanna Seaton.

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