Thursday, October 30, 2008

So Much Halloween Goodness!

MJ before he got really scary...and I'm not just talking about the video.

I've got my own thing going on for Halloween this year (which of course involves as many scary movies as possible!) - but if I was going to go out and hit a theater, I would have a tough time making a decision.

The NW Film Forum is showing a special 25th Anniversary screening of Michael Jackson's iconic Thriller video at 7:00pm - which I'm sure stirred a Zombie interest in most of us 80s kids who hadn't experienced Romero yet. In addition to the video, they've got the hour-long "Making of Michael Jackson's Thriller", which is worth it just for the interviews. Plus- music and drinks. It's really the perfect way to start your evening - and it's only $9 (or $10.22 if you buy online with Brown Paper Tickets).

And over at SIFF Cinema, one of my personal favorites is playing at 7:30pm: Tod Browning's Freaks (not to be confused with Alex Winter's Freaked,AePwhich is almost so bad it's good, but has nothing to do with horror). This 1932 black and white classic is seriously one of the creepiest movies ever made. Do yourself a favor and check it out - you'll be chanting "One of us,AePone of us,AePone of us,AeP" all night, which will only add to your Halloween experience. You can buy tix here for the 7:30 show on Halloween, or here for the Sat. 12/1 show - also at 7:30.

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