Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Summer Movie Musts: James Bond + The Gits

Sean Connery hitting a woman?? Who knew.

If you're looking to escape the blistering heat that's on the way this weekend (What? 70s IS blistering after months of rain and temps in the 50s,AeP), I'd recommend hitting up SIFF Cinema for its "Bond,AePand Beyond" series, starting with a double feature of From Russia With Love and On Her Majesty's Secret Service - AKA the Bond no one ever talks about, but it's great! - on Saturday, and continuing on with some really hot chicks in tight costumes (Michael Caine is excluded from this category, but only just barely). Check out Screening times and buy tickets online here.

Or, if something a little more "realistic" seems appealing, I HAVE to push the documentary The Gits on you, which starts its run at the NW Film Forum July 4th. It's a highly emotional ride that takes you through the history of this amazing riot grrl punk band, and the shocking murder (and continuing case) of sultry-voiced lead singer Mia Zapata. I remember when this happened, but it only registered peripherally - a friend of a friend was close with Mia and the crew, so I heard 3rd hand about the devastation. Years later, I was lucky enough to see it screen at SIFF (2005), and the weight of what that person must have been feeling really hit me. This documentary is beautiful, heartbreaking, and just plain worth seeing. GO! See it - then run out and buy everything you can get your hands on by The Gits ASAP. You can buy tickets online here.

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