Wednesday, June 11, 2008

SIFF 2008: Villa Jasmin


Villa Jasmin screens at the 34th Annual Seattle International Film Festival tonight - Wednesday, June 11 at 9pm @ The Egyptian, and again on Sunday, June 15 at 9:30pm @ The Harvard Exit.
You can buy tickets online here.

On the verge of becoming a parent himself, Serge returns to his childhood home to explore his Tunisian-Jewish roots in La Goulette - a town covered in the intoxicating scent of jasmine. The film moves through the 30s and 40s, delving into the impact of the Vichy regime following the defeat of France by Germany during WWII. This scenic romance is at its best when focusing on the story of his parents - Serge and Odette. We get to see the initial courtship of the couple and how their love grows, along with some hauntingly beautiful displays of affection.

Complex and emotionally moving, Director Ferid Boughedir delivers a film with a deeply layered story of relationships that will resonate with everyone.

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