Thursday, June 26, 2008

Seattle Premiere: Guy Maddin's My Winnipeg


SIFF Cinema starts its summer schedule with the Seattle premiere of Guy Maddin's documentary My Winnipeg - which opens June 27 and runs through July 3. You can buy tickets online here.

I'm a fan of Maddin, but to be honest I've only seen The Saddest Music in the World (at SIFF, or course!), and Twilight of the Ice Nymphs on video. I remember being obsessed at one point with tracking down all his stuff, but don't remember WHY I never made it to Scarecrow. All I can think of is that some kind of mental breakdown occured wherein I forgot about film temporarily or something...

But, back to My Winnipeg - SiffBlog's Steven wrote a great review of it here, the trailer made it look completely amazing (a personal portrait of Maddin's home town, with Ann Savage playing his MOM???? Whoa) - and let's just say that I've been waiting with great anticipation for it to open.

Hopefully I'll see some of you there!


  1. Thanks, Amie.
    One of the things I sought to do, was to describe the film without actually describing anything in it. I wanted to hand it over, like a box of Recchiuti chocolates and say, "These are delicious, enjoy."
    One thing I will mention is that Maddin repeatedly references the Assiniboine River. I mention this because Assiniboine sounds remarkably like Cinnabon. When I saw the film at the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley, I thought he was saying Cinnabon and got really hungry. When I got out of the theater, I thought for a moment of trying to find their nearest store, but decided just to go home. That was just as well, since the closest Cinnabon was 8.8 miles away, at the Hilltop Mall in Richmond. I'm just saying this so anyone seeing the film won't have the same problem I did.

  2. Dear Steven,
    You are making me HUNGRY with all this talk about deliciousness, chocolates, and Cinnabons. Please stop. :)

  3. Sorry, I just had a small sandwich for lunch. I'm a bit hungry myself. ;-)
    BTW, I think the only Cinnabon in Seattle is at the Northgate Mall.