Sunday, June 3, 2007

2 Days in Paris


Before SIFF officially opened, I had already heard a few things about Julie Delpy's feature directorial debut. First, I heard that it was almost exactly like Before Sunset. Second, I heard that it was okay, but the ending of the film ruined it completely.

Neither one of these things is true.

Yes, this movie involves a lot of dialogue between a man and a woman, and yes, it also involves a lot of walking around in Paris - but the similarities to Linklater's film end there.
This culture-clash romantic comedy examines the difficulties in long-term relationships of all types, and it does it well. Delpy and Goldberg play off each other expertly as Parisian/American couple Marion and Jack - as her hot temper and his over-the-top jealously create chaos in their 2-year relationship.
After a vacation in Vencie, a visit with Marion's parents (played by Delpy's real parents who both added a lot of life to the film) leads to a two-day examination of how well the couple know each other, during which we're treated to relationship scenarios that are all too familiar. Some of the funnier moments were a little cliche, but they seemed to work with the story - I wasn't laughing insanely at every joke like a large portion of the audience, but I was laughing.
As for the ending, I don't want to give anything away - so I'll just say that in my opinion, it fit with everything before it very nicely. However, maybe you can talk me out of that after you see it.
2 Days in Paris plays again at SIFF Tuesday, June 5 at Lincoln Square - rush tickets available only. It also opens in the US August 10th, in limited release.
Of special note: Adam Goldberg attended the gala screening and was just as charming, funny, and regular-guy as he could be during the Q&A. I think that I have a little crush now...

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