Sunday, March 11, 2007


Just a quick note to let readers and authors know a few things:

1. Comments are screwed up. I still haven't been able to figure out why; I am working on it, but I don't have the limitless expanses of time needed to do a true line-by-line trace on the code to find the error. I have begun looking into professional hosting options for the site.

2. If professional hosting adds to my expenses too much, then the next resolution to the problem is to do a clean reinstall of Moveable Type; this also requires a system-wide upgrade of the operating system on the server, changing the local email-handling program, and fiddling with several other major webserver components. I would estimate the job would take about 16 hours total work time and basically a full weekend of fiddling, research, homework, fuckups, and rebooting. Thus, I'm a tad reluctant.

3. Another alternative would be for me to begin building a new server on an existing extra computer in my house. That's a better approach as it would involve less random rebooting and server disruption.

4. Site traffic has been holding steady at 250 to 300 site visitors daily. That is good news and what I was hoping to see for the project by this year. As a result, in with several other websites I run, I think I might be able to cover current hosting costs directly by implementing Google AdWords. Again, this is a research project for me and I will check in before I implement any advertising solution.

5. I don't think the RSS-based local movie times feed is coming back soon. I am looking at alternatives but do not expect to see a good solution. One which occurs to me is to simply gather the movie times manually and include selected listings as a regular content feature here. I feel that perhaps we should be doing this anyway - wouldn't it be convenient to be able to easily find the schedules for every local cinematheque in one place? Add regional silents to the mix (cough, David, cough) and the site becomes a crucial information resource for the audience we're writing for as well as a critical soapbox.

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