Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Iraq In Fragments Interview - Oscar Worthy Edition


So, the Oscar nominations have been announced. I'll skip the whole megillah of who I'd like to see win [Letters From Iwo Jima, Kate Winslet, Jackie Earle Haley, Clint Eastwood, Peter Morgan] and focus on the prize I really care about, best documentary. As much as I'd like to see Al Gore clutching a gold statuette [though, technically, Davis Guggenheim would be the recipient], I would prefer seeing him accomplish something of greater benefit to the nation, namely getting elected for real in 2008 [I'll happily settle for Hillary or Obama, though].

Gore might very well be the favorite for the award, but I'll be rooting for Yahya Sinno and James Longley, the producer/director team of Iraq In Fragments. Granted, Longley already has an Academy Award, albeit of the student variety, but this would be his first Oscar and, by extension, the first Oscar winner I will have interviewed. Academy voters, make both our dreams come true!

If you haven't seen the film, it's still in release all over the country. If you have already seen it and you want to learn more, by all means read the in-depth, exhaustively detailed, six part interview I conducted with Longley a year ago. It may not be the only interview you should read on this film but, surely, it will be the longest.

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