Monday, May 8, 2006


My love affair with film started as a child when I saw The Thin Man on television. It turned into a life long fascination. I've worked in the video rental industry since 1989 which has allowed me to support my movie watching habit and get paid to talk to people about film. I've managed On 15th Video,, since 1998. In 2000, I started as a film critic for the local television show Club Diversity. I also reviewed theater productions, guest-hosted and worked as an assistant director on the show until it's final season in 2005. In 2002, I co-hosted and researched In The Celluloid Loop, which analyzed film in depth by exploring the works of different directors and genres. In 2003 my production company, Prometheus Unbound Productions, produced Look or Listen, which aired re-creations of Old Time Radio shows. In 2004 I created The Lively Arts which currently airs as part of SCAN's Prime Time Line Up. This show alternatively focuses on film, old time radio, and the local performing arts scene. I also contribute to Halstead, an online gothic serial written round robin style, I am very excited to be combining my passions for writing and film for SIFFBLOG.

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