Saturday, April 1, 2006

A Marquee I'd Like To See In Seattle


Took this snap on a recent trip to NY and was thinking how great it would be if we had this here. A Pit Pit. You know, fresh pita with a kebab would be awesome.

But seriously, I know Drawing Restraint 9 will be opening at the Varsity this May, but will we get a personal appearance by Mr. Barney himself? Landmark Theatres, make it so!


  1. This is the old Waverly theater in the Village. The building (or whatever is left of it), originally a meeting hall, then a church, then another church, then a theater is over 170 years old! Here is a then to your now from opening day in 1937.

  2. How cool to be able to compare the two! Thanks, folks. Sorry to say the old fa/ssade beats the new one by a country mile. All hail art deco!

  3. Funny thing, even though I grew up in NY, I haven't been there since I moved here three years ago. So, when I took the photo I didn't realize it was no longer the Waverly [I take my photos quick]. Thanks for pointing out the change. BTW, one of my most memorable filmgoing events was seeing the opening of Polyester at The Waverly. John Waters and Divine were both there to greet all those who attended. I got Waters to sign my odorama card. Being the imprudently generous person I am, I gave away that autographed artifact to a friend years ago.