Sunday, September 4, 2005

Not Dead Yet

A few folks have corresponded with me via email about this, but I feel like I should address it here as well.

Tablet has announced that the current issue, #103, will be the final edition of the magazine. While Siffblog has been affiliated with Tablet, I have used only my own resources to create and host the blog; therefore, I see no reason that Siffblog should cease operations.

However, I have been thinking about what the best route forward for the blog is. An informal relationship with one or more paper-based local publications would be mutually beneficial to all parties, I believe, publishers, publicists, film freaks, and film writers included.

I also would like to strengthen or formalize this blog's ties to existing local film arts organizations. In an ideal world, this site would publish updated schedules and times for all of these organizations at no cost to them in order to expand online information resources about small-audience film.

In short, I have some thinking to do, which will produce some work for me. Sometime in the next month, I probably will do a site redesign - as simple as possible, mind you, as we're currently househunting and that is really time consuming. After that, I will probably have a decent plan in place for the blog. For now, though, dear contributors, please do not fret: the Siffblog abides, man, the Siffblog abides.

Please continue doing what you've done to the place. It really helps to pull it all together.

P. S. Perhaps now it's time to have a Siffblog party - slash - wake for Tablet?


  1. Mike, thanks so much for doing what you do. I'm thrilled that siffblog will continue, but will really miss reading & writing for Tablet (I started in 2001). I volunteer for the Northwest Film Forum (, so I promise to post the occasional notice about their upcoming events, but I'm happy to do more--& I'm always up for a party! Speaking of which, the NWFF 10th anniversary party is on 9/21 & the new calendar (with all the details) has just hit the streets...

  2. I've often thought there should be a resource for all the "small-Audience" independent film screenings in town. When I moved to Seattle in 1980, there was a nice triple-fold-out glossy paper publication called something like The Movie News that you could buy for a dollar. It folded out into a huge calendar for the month that listed everything that was playing at The Grand Illusion, The Harvard Exit (then showing three different double bills a week of classic films), Dennis Nyback's Rosebud, the Samurai film series playing at the Broadway theatre, The Egyptian, the UW film series, the Art Museum film series, various Randy (Seven Gables) Finley houses...I dunno what all else...It was an invaluable resource for a 19-year-old movie freak. It'd be great to see the siffblog try to do something similar.