Monday, May 31, 2004

In the Darko

Saturday night Vivian and I attended the Donnie Darko launch party at Consolidated Works. A good time was had by all. We hung out with Karla and her hubby Diego and assorted reprobates.

The highlight of the party came when, seated in a darkened theater, we overheard a conversation.

The younger, enthusiastic speaker turned to his neighbor directly behind us and asked, "So, who are you writing for?"

"I'd prefer to keep that undisclosed at this time." The speaker sported an affected mid-atlantic accent and his delivery dripped with ennui. I immediately started giggling, but believe I stifled it sufficiently that I was safe from a sudden kick to the head.

"Who have you talked to? Anyone good?"

"Some people from Maria Full of Grace, recently. Some others. We'll see."

There's a pause as the younger speaker digested his conversation partner's reticence. A gambit occured to him.

"Say, do you know Gillian Garr?"

At this, the urge to giggle increased, and I began eavesdropping in earnest.

The jaded man made a noncommittal noise. The younger speaker plunged ahead.

"Anyway, she has the greatest gig. Apparently, Tablet has some sort of blog, or something, and her job is to go around and write about all the SIFF parties. Isn't that the greatest gig?"

More noncommittal noises. The younger speaker gave up, seeing that his honest and naive friendliness was not reciprocated, and politely excused himself.

Meanwhile, my eyes are bugging out with suppressed laughter. The short that was playing in the theater ended, and Viv and I ventured forth to seek out Gillian and let her know what a great gig she has.

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