Wednesday, July 11, 2012

L'Argent (1928)

Monday July 16, 7pm, The Paramount, Seattle

Gekko à la Bourse

An unscrupulous banker battles for dominance on and off the floor of the Paris Stock Exchange. In a scheme to save his failing business, Saccard (Pierre Alcover) exploits celebrity aviator Jacques Hamelin (Victor Henry) by financing his solo transatlantic flight, then manipulating stock and Hamelin's fragile wife, when false rumors of the flier's death are reported.

A cautionary tale of fraud, corruption and the evils of money, L'Argent (1928) was based on Émile Zola's original 1890 novel and brought to the screen by director Marcel L'Herbier for the princely sum of five million francs. With a dizzying combination of complex camera-work, editing, monumental set construction, locations including Le Bourget Field and the Paris Bourse, L'Herbier's epic also included a literal cast of thousands. Standout performances feature Brigitte Helm as the slinky femme fatale, Mary Glory as the forlorn Mme. Hamelin and Alcover as the greedy whirlwind who goes down fighting.

STG Presents!

Seattle Theater Group and Trader Joe's present Silent Movie Mondays and the luminous Brigitte Helm starring in L'Argent, featuring live musical accompaniment performed at the Paramount's original 1928, Publix One 4/20 Wurlitzer organ by Jim Riggs.


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