Monday, June 11, 2007

The Boss of It All Gala Report


My sister visited me this weekend from NY. We went and saw The Pervert's Guide to Cinema and then The Boss of It All. Afterwards we went to the Gala at CHAC. Entering the party, we encountered two girls. One of them looked at me in my powder blue Kangol trilby and said, "Secret Squirrel." I said, "Yes, Secret Squirrel!" And the other girl said, "Oh yeah, totally, Secret Squirrel." I glanced over and saw Jens Albinus having a drink with Carl Spence. My sister and I grabbed some canapes from a passing waiter, then circulated about the room, trying to find the end of the food line. When we discovered the tail end, snaking all the way back to the front door, we decided to split. I said 'hello' to Andy Spletzer as we brushed past him on the way out and then we went to Jai Thai and got something to eat!

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