Friday, June 30, 2006

SIFF at Scarecrow

The latest member newsletter ("CineMail") notes that the following SIFF '06 titles are currently available at Scarecrow Video, so I thought I'd post the list in case anyone missed--and wanted to catch up on--any of 'em.


The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T
A Side, B Side, Seaside
Anne of the Thousand Days
Black Orpheus
Call of Cthulhu
Distant Journey
The Five Venoms
The Flowers of St. Francis

Gold Rush
Hello Dolly!
Initial D
Lonely Are the Brave
The Man Who Cheated Himself
Me, You, Them
Mother of Mine
Open City
The Power of Nightmares
Princess Raccoon
Seven Swords
Shanghai Dreams
To Tulsa and Back
The Unknown (The Lon Chaney Collection)
The Window
Scarecrow Video is located at 5030 Roosevelt Way NE, one block north of the Seven Gables Theatre. For more information, please visit For info on donating to SIFF, please see (I just renewed my membership today). Stills from The 5,000 Fingers and The Unknown.

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  1. The MK2 dvd release of 'The Gold Rush' also includes the original 1925 version which is vastly superior, an installmant of MK2's documentary series 'Chaplin Today', introductions by Chaplin's biographer David Robinson and a bunch of other cool stuff.
    The TCM dvd of 'The Unknown' includes an outstanding documentary on Lon Chaney , a photo recreation of the lost film 'London After Midnight' and audio commentaries by the man who knows more about Lon Chaney than anyone else alive, Michael Blake.
    Both 'Scarecrow 'and Capitol Hill's 'On 15th Video' have these sets.