Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Non-Expiration Dates

Just thought I'd post the release dates for some of this year's SIFF selections. All information comes from the Landmark Theatres publicity department and is subject to change. Venues listed only when provided.



The notorious Burns brothers (Richard Wilson, Guy Pearce, and Danny Huston) in John Hillcoat's Nick Cave-penned Western, The Proposition.

Now playing: The Proposition at the Varsity [Go, go, go!], A Prairie Home Companion at the Seven Gables, The Heart of the Game at the Guild 45th [can't wait to see this], and Beowulf & Grendel at the Varsity [cast aside, I've heard nothing but negatives).

Opening soon: Expiration Date on 6/21 at the Egyptian, Wordplay on 6/23 at the Harvard Exit [really enjoyed this doc], and The King on 6/23 at the Varsity [the siffbloggers hated it, but radio renegades Tom Tangney and Steve Reeder loved it].

Strangers with Candy on 7/7 at the Varsity, Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man on 7/14, Who Killed the Electric Car? on 7/14 [dug this eye-opening doc--and I don't even drive!], Hidden Blade on 7/14, and The Death of Mr. Lazarescu on 7/28 at the Varsity [like Steven, I thought this Cannes phenom ("Un Certain Regard") was pretty great].
Brothers of the Head on 8/11 at the Varsity [one of my favorites of the fest], Quinceañera on 8/18 [ditto], and Conversations with Other Women and Heading South on 8/25 [another winner from Laurent "Human Resources" Cantet].
The Science of Sleep on 9/22 [originally scheduled for 8/11].
A glimpse inside the whimsically warped mind of Gaël Garcia Bernal's Stephane in Michel Gondry's The Science of Sleep.
Lastly, here are a few openings stemming from last year's SIFF: Clean on 6/30 at the Varsity [Olivier Assayas and Maggie Chueng--nuff said!], Police Beat on 7/14 at the Varsity, and Mongolian Ping Pong on 7/21 at the Varsity.


  1. And at the Northwest Film Forum: Russian Dolls, July 7-13; Three Times, July 14-20; Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul, July 28 - Aug 3; from last year, Wim Wenders' Land of Plenty, Aug 4-10; from SIFF 1992 or 1993, Herzog's Lessons of Darkness, Aug 22-24; and Lunacy promised for the Autumn calendar.

  2. Nice addition, thanks! I'm hoping to post a "Russian Dolls" review in the coming week (love that Romain "Beat That My Heart Skipped" Duris). Also just found out that a friend will be travelling to Turkey next summer--he'll get to hear all the great music featured in "Crossing the Bridge." I'd be jealous, except he'll be missing SIFF '07 to do it. Not a sacrifice I could make. What can I say: Kino über alles!

  3. Yay! I am definitely looking forward to seeing The Proposition and Wordplay. ;) Thanks for posting, Kathy!