Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Kathy's Bio

Let's see...I was born in Connecticut, rais-
ed in Alaska and have lived in Seattle since 1988. First SIFF film I ever saw: The De-
cline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years
. I've been volunteering for SIFF since 1994; for the past four years, I've written for the program guide. Since 1988, I've also volunteered for KCMU/KEXP, the Hugo House and, of course, Tablet (for which I reviewed CDs, films, and books).

I quit my day job and am now doing the freelance thing full-time. My main
gig is with Amazon (CDs and DVDs), but I also write and/or have written
for The Anchorage Times, Seattle Sound (later to become City Arts), Res-
, All Music Guide, Film.com, Microsoft Cinemania, Reel News, and Trouser Press. Oh, and I was a DJ/voice talent for almost 20 years (KW-
HL, KNDD, etc.), but am currently on hiatus. And I have two crazy cats.

P.S. I look nothing like Barbara Stanwyck, but can't imagine a better avatar!

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